Reason #2: Only Happy Animals

We take pride in our animal husbandry, and are always working to improve the way our animals experience life around here. The animals here are always moving to fresh, clean, forage-covered ground. In general, animals don't want to stand around in a mixture of mud and feces. And they do want to express their innate foraging instincts in a healthy ecosystem filled with diverse things to eat and enjoy.

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Reason #1 to Try our Meat CSA:

  After providing meat to our members in the Louisville, KY area for the past two years we've heard a lot of reasons why people think our CSA is a great fit for their families. It amazes us how such a diverse group of people can find it so perfect for them. So I figured I'd write a few blogs describing these benefits from some of the feedback we've received so far. I'll start with the biggest and easiest one first. 1. The meat is soooo good! We get this one a lot. Some people say our pork chops are more amazing than they thought pork chops could be, and sold them on the idea of trying out the CSA....

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Why is your meat so good?

We get a lot of questions that end up in some version of, "why is it that your meat has so much more flavor than I'm used to getting in my meat?" In some senses, we are raising the same products as other players in the marketplace, big and small: pork belly cured with salt, sugar, and smoke to make bacon. Cut up and whole chicken. Ground beef and lamb. Chorizo made from ground pork and spices. But where the difference lies is in what happened when the animals were walking around on our farm. With each species of livestock we raise on our farm, we have one overlaying principle: Maximize the intake of quality forages. I'll discuss details about how...

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