Reason #3: It's so convenient!

Its not common that local, direct market farms hear feedback that working with us is convenient. We have, after all, called our movement "slow food". But members of our CSA are finding that this program offers them a one-stop-shop for integrity meats without hassle or over-complication.
Louisville pastured meats, farm raised, grass fed, non-gmo
When we first started offering our CSA, we realized that providing people with a bundle of meat once a month that provides the standards you want almost every month (bacon, chicken, breakfast sausage, and ground beef), with some rotating variety that makes a special meal just that (roasts, steaks, chops) would work well for many families. But what we didn't realize was that one of the big problems it would solve for our customers is the problem of decision fatigue that we all feel when we try to plan out what's for dinner over the next 1, 7, or 30 days, and then go about procuring what we need to feed our families delicious and healthy meals. Now families find that the meal planning is less overwhelming. And that leaves more time for, well everything else in life besides meal planning!
Since the start of the CSA we've also added New Albany and East End Louisville pick up sites. And we also have home delivery available as well now! You can even purchase home delivery a la carte if you know you'll be unavailable for our pickups one month. So for only $8 per month, our driver will bring the CSA share to your door.
We hope to continue to make working with us a joy with plenty of convenience and do whatever else we can do to make it a win for you each month you partner with us. If this, or any of the other blog posts in our Reasons to Join Our CSA series has piqued your interest, we'd be happy to have you take a look at what we offer, and why this program might work well for your family: Click here to learn more about our Meat CSA and try it out for a month!