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The Yardstick of a Farm

we can look at a group of growing calves -with their fat, sleek mothers looking on as they enjoy a romp in the grass between milk binges -and we can know that the living things in the space are flourishing because of our care and our partnership with nature. The evidence is there, as well, as we notice individual butterflies, birds, wildflowers, and the like growing in number and evidence of health.

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What is, and what isn't, pasture-raised?

from the start we saw that in order for us to have a farm that functioned like an ecosystem, producing good and healthy outcomes for land, livestock, wildlife, and customers, the animals would have to move across the pasture and forest almost daily

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How (and why) To Roast a Chicken

Whole roasted chicken might not be my favorite food. But it is hands-down my favorite meal. The ritual includes the act of preparing a whole animal for the oven while appreciating its life, then encountering the aromas mingling with a pan of roasting root vegetables as they escape the oven. After an hour spent building hunger and anticipation comes the revelation of the perfectly roasted chicken skin as it comes out of the oven and the carving, with the potential for enjoyment like any craft that can be done skillfully. Finally we sit down with a group of thankful, hungry, smiling humans around a table set in anticipation and common purpose. I can recall a number of very memorable roasted, pastured chicken dinners. One...

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