Reason #1 to Try our Meat CSA:


After providing meat to our members in the Louisville, KY area for the past two years we've heard a lot of reasons why people think our CSA is a great fit for their families. It amazes us how such a diverse group of people can find it so perfect for them. So I figured I'd write a few blogs describing these benefits from some of the feedback we've received so far. I'll start with the biggest and easiest one first.

1. The meat is soooo good! We get this one a lot. Some people say our pork chops are more amazing than they thought pork chops could be, and sold them on the idea of trying out the CSA. Others say they have tried all the pastured chicken, and our is the best. The consistently high quality of all of our meats is by far the feedback we hear the most.

It makes sense to us that our meat is some of the most awesome and flavorful that many have tried. Our belief is that healthy animals that get to express their innate characteristics throughout their lives will taste the best. Predominantly, this comes from the notion that animals want to have room to move around and they want to have clean water and abundant fresh forages. So by moving them regularly to a fresh feast of native and lush forages and plants, we ensure that they are able to enjoy a diverse diet full of salad. And this diverse diet creates much of the flavors and sense of terroir that our meats come with: There's clover in the chicken, blackberry, hickory, and persimmon in the pork, and over 50 species of pasture plants in the beef and lamb. The flavor profile of meats with this diet is beyond comparison when so many Americans are used to eating from farms where animals are confined indoors and fed an all-grain diet.

We also take great care to provide our omnivores with very fresh, non GMO grains, sunshine, and clean water. And we make sure that exercise is encouraged. With our larger animals, especially, this causes the fats to distribute themselves throughout the muscle tissues in a way that literally pushes the maximum amount of flavor into each bite. There are so many ways that responsible farming results in the finest products. 

If this, or any of the other blog posts in our Reasons to Join Our CSA series has piqued your interest, we'd be happy to have you take a look at what we offer, and why this program might work well for your family: Click here to learn more about our Meat CSA