Buying Clubs *NEW!*

For years we've offered our meat a la carte on our website and at farmers market, as well as at a discount to our CSA members and to restaurants and grocers on a wholesale basis. And now in an attempt to work with customers who are seeking to make their grocery dollars stretch further, we've started working with buying clubs in the Louisville and Indianapolis areas recently as well. These can be established groups who have been leveraging their collective buying power for decades, or a new group of 7-10 moms who want to start getting high-integrity meat for their families, direct from a farm at the best possible price. 

Clubs can order from our list of nearly 100 products, purchasing at a bulk discount together. We'll take the group's order (usually in increments of ten lbs), package it up, and deliver to a single drop site every month, two months or quarter. Shoot us a message below to learn more about our new program, and to see if it could be a good fit for you!