About Groce Family Farm

Hello! We are Luke and Katherine Groce. We started Groce Family Farm near Louisville, KY soon after we got married in 2009. We started farming because we love feeding people delicious nutritive food, and wanted to figure out a way to live close to the land, and interact with it in a way that brings about regeneration and abundance.

In our first four years of farming we focussed on chemical free vegetables. We came to believe that our farm should mimic nature's rhythms more and more. Before long, it became apparent that if we wanted to do this, animals have an important place on any landscape that we farm. In 2014 we started raising pastured pork, and in 2015 we bought our new farm in Crawford County, IN. 

Along the way we added four wonderful children, learned a lot, and have grown in our understanding of how to raise abundant healthy food and interact with land in a way that brings about diversity, health, and flourishing to the whole system, from earthworms to eaters.

Today we offer forest raised pork, open-pasture chicken duck and turkey, and 100% grass fed lamb and beef through our meat CSA and at farmers markets in the Louisville and Southern Indiana areas. We also work with restaurants and grocers and sell vegetables sometimes as well. Find us on Instagram or Facebook to see what we've been up to recently.