Meat By The Cut

Select home delivery or one of our convenient pickup sites at checkout: Minimum order for home delivery is $100.


Purchasing by the cut from Groce Family Farm is easy. Just follow these steps!

1. Select the meat of your choosing from the options in this section.

2. Select a distribution option at checkout. 

3. Come to the pickup or set out a cooler for home delivery on the day. (we'll email you to remind you!)

4. Eat and enjoy. 

Next Distribution Dates(Subject to change):

      • Bardstown Road Farmers Market (10AM-Noon):  3/26, 4/23, 4/30
      • Home Delivery available in the following counties: Floyd/Clark, In: Jefferson/Oldham, KY:  3/8-9, 4/19-20
      • Mid-week pickups (New Albany 1PM, Anchorage 3:30PM): 3/8, 4/19