Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkey
Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkey

Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkey

$ 65.00

Holidays are special occasions to celebrate with the ones we love and promote the ideals we share. The original Thanksgiving feast had at its center a turkey who spent all year in the woods and meadows, searching for fruits, nuts, bugs, and grass. This year you can recapture that classic American tradition with one of our free-roaming pastured turkeys. 

This year we are offering three sizes of turkey, at three set prices: 

Small: 9-13 lbs for $65

Medium: 14-18 lbs for $88

Large: 19-24 lbs for $110

When selecting the pick up on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, our turkeys will be fresh, never frozen. Christmas turkeys will all be frozen. Once you reserve your turkey, your bird can be picked up at one of our drop off locations in New Albany or Louisville.

NOTE: This is a full payment for a holiday turkey. Please choose from the estimated sizes. We reserve the right to provide you a larger turkey. We do not ship our products. All Thanksgiving orders will only be available for pickup at 1722 Bardstown Road on November 17th, from 8AM to NOON, or in December at one of our other monthly pickups.