Pasture-raised Duck Legs

$ 21.00

Our ducks range in our open pastures, harvesting clovers and grasses that help them produce a deep rich flavor unparalleled in other poultry. Whether you plan to cure, smoke, or just sear them like a steak, these duck breasts will make something memorable in your kitchen!

If you have ever wished your poultry had more flavor, and was produced in a way that took animal welfare and land stewardship more seriously, GFF Poultry should meet the highest standards for deliciousness and responsibility. When purchasing through our website, we will provide you one two-pack skin-on, bone-in duck Legs. Each package should weigh about 1.4 lbs.

Select home delivery or one of our convenient pickup sites at checkout: Anchorage, KY, New Albany, IN, and at the Original Bardstown Rd. Farmers Market. Minimum order for home delivery is $100.