Chicken CSA
Chicken CSA
Chicken CSA
Chicken CSA
Chicken CSA
Chicken CSA
Chicken CSA

Chicken CSA

$ 135.00

If you love high quality pastured chicken and want to gain access to it regularly at a discount, consider our Just Chicken CSA. Community Supported Agriculture is a program where eaters can enjoy discounted but consistent access to the best of what's coming off of a farm in exchange for paying partially up front. Our just chicken CSA will run for six months and will include whole chickens and/or chicken cuts monthly, depending on which package you choose. You win with our chicken CSA because you won't need to buy a new freezer to get a discount or to avoid finding that your favorites have gone out of stock.

We call our chicken "actually free range" because the animal husbandry practices of our chicken raising system go well above and beyond the standards of "free range" and "pastured" systems. Our chickens enjoy fresh non-GMO feed and freedom in wide-open pastures for most of their lives on our farm. This mean that our chickens do plenty of foraging in our lush diverse pastures full of clover, grass and bugs. More time and space for foraging means more flavor and nutrients in your chicken; Not to mention happier chickens, and healthier land, air, and water.

As always, our animals are never fed genetically modified organisms. They are bred to thrive outdoors, and do live their lives outdoors, roaming and foraging from our fresh rotating pastures and forests. 

We pledge to make sure that each month you receive 20% more chicken than you would if you spent the same amount at our retail booth. We offer three sizes to choose from, priced at $45, $70, and $120 per month. Feel free to pay all up front or pay half up front.  The other half will be split up between the six monthly pickups. 

NEW!: We are also now offering a All Chicken Cuts offering for those who would prefer to not work with whole birds. (details below) 

Bundle Options:

Two whole chickens totaling about 8.5 lbs: $45/month: 

Two chickens totaling about 8.5 lbs and about two packs of chicken cuts: $70/month: 

Four Chickens totaling about 17 lbs and 3-4 packs of chicken cuts: $120/month:

All Chicken Cuts!: You pick each month: Breast, thigh, drum, wing, soup bones, organs. $60/ month gets you $72 worth of chicken cuts!

Below is our regular CSA schedule, however the days and times will remain subject to change.

Pick up locations (subject to change):

-Second Saturday of the month, 8 AM - NOON  (10-Noon from Dec-March). The Original Bardstown Road Farmers Market: 1722 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY

-Second Tuesday of the month at 1:00 PM: Sojourn Community Church: 2023 Ekin Ave, New Albany, IN 47150 

-Second Tuesday of the month at 3:30 PM: Lakshmi Farms in Anchorage KY: 

-Fourth Saturday of the month, 8 AM - NOON. The Original Bardstown Road Farmers Market: 1722 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY. 

-Second Tuesday of the month, HOME DELIVERY to Jefferson and Oldham county, KY, Floyd and Clark county, IN. (Fee is $10 per delivery) 

PURCHASING FROM THIS PAGE WILL BE YOUR DEPOSIT if you select half now-half at pickup, the remaining half of each monthly basket price will be required upon pickup of your meats. The Chicken CSA program is available year-round, and runs for six months, beginning with the next available delivery or pick-up.