Reason #4 To Try Our Meat CSA

In this ongoing blog series, we've introduced a number of reasons our Meat CSA works so well for our members. Here's the fourth installment:

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4. Meal planning is less of a chore. Every family has a different way of deciding what's for dinner. But someone has to make some decisions before the first skillet or crock pot are ever heated up. By letting us provide you a curated share of meat each month, we are taking out a fair bit of the daunting work of deciding what's on the menu. After receiving an email at the beginning of the month with your share's contents, it's pretty easy to create a list of possible menu items. To show you what I mean, I'll do it for a family of four here in 3 minutes with last month's economy share:

  1. Roast chicken dinner
  2. Remaining meat from roast chicken made into tacos
  3. Chicken soup from simmered chicken bones and pulled roast chicken meat
  4. Breakfast for dinner (breakfast sausage)
  5. BLT's
  6. Burger night
  7. Chicken wing night
  8. Wine braised chuck roast with potatoes (picky kids get leftover chicken wings)
  9. Leftover chuck roast in Mediterranean wraps with hummus, olives, spinach
After this list, all you have to do is fit all of these it in to your calendar between nights you're eating out, over at friends, eating leftovers, takeout, or vegetarian meals, etc.
We find that a lot of people are really happy that they can have a diversity of meals to provide their family each month, while also getting to avoid spending a whole evening having to map out what to cook from a universe of options that sounds simultaneously boring and overwhelming.